Thursday, January 11, 2007

Surprise! Online Retailing Works

Well, in case you hadn't noticed we got more proof today that this year online retailing actually works. (Okay... this shouldn't come as a big surprise but... hey... I like sarcasm every once in a while.)

The folks over at ComScore released their study of the 2006 online retailing results for both the holiday season and 2006 as a whole. For the year, online sales were up 24% over 2005. The holiday season was up 26% over 2005. So... both strong gains. Thinking of this in the ever popular "store-for-store" retail measurement, I'd surely like to be a part of a retailer that has consistently shown 20-plus percent year over year, for the past 3 years. It seems that just over $26 billion was spent this year online during the holiday season. The other noticeable trend was that the spending was LATER this year than in the previous few years.

So, for all of you out there... how did your online business fare in 2006? Were you up the "mendoza line" of 24% for the year and 26% for the holiday?

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