Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sears + Gap? Imagine the Possibilities...

Saw this story today come across about Sears' war-chest of cash and the rumors that at least they have Goldman Sachs' number in their rolodex :-)

Imagine the online retailing possibilities here. Let's take Lands End's prowess, Sears' experience and now throw in GAP's Technology and if someone at GAP could hit a fashion trend or two, you'd have a REAL eCommerce/Multi-channel powerhouse. The integration tasks could be huge, but the upside is too. (Don't forget about GAP launching Piperlime a while back as well.) This would take some real discipline, and a uber ego to pull it off. Maybe someone like Mr. Lampert could do it?

Fun fun fun in the online world.

Care to share any thoughts?

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