Wednesday, May 03, 2006

new APPLE v. PC ads - look outside your window

If you haven't seen them yet... the new commercials for the "getamac" campaign are causing moniors all over our office to receive water-soda-coffee power-washings... Check them out here:

My personal favorite is the virus version but... we DO have a report of the first official virus for a mac this week. Here are two views on it:

From CIO magazine (predictable corp slant here)
From MacDailyNews (defending the apple)

You decide what you want but... the Mac is going to become a more popular home computing platform over the next year... because it is simple to maintain. The iPod has been the perfect lead in to it.

What does that mean for you? Make sure your sites work in Firefox. Make sure that you're focusing on "ease of experience" learning a lesson from the ease of iTunes, and the iPod... in everything you do. These matter to the consuming generation of now, and if you're not watching this trend here... you won't see the wave when it swamps you.

This is another in a series of reasons why I think it is imperative for retailers to look outside of their vertical... and outside of the industry... to better understand how they can improve their overall experience.


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