Wednesday, May 03, 2006

back in action

Hey fellow online consumers and purveyors... after a bit of an absence... I'm back and ready to blog-away.

I've switched a bit of the focus personally as I've moved to a new firm that does more b2b marketing/interactive. However, I'm still watching the online retail space VERY CAREFULLY as 2006 is a watershed year for a lot of the major players. I will be "redefining" what online retail means a bit (if att is trying to sell you a new cell phone and some DSL together, that's retail too ya know) but, we'll still be in the trenches looking at the trends and commenting as we see fit. Also, now that I'm in a different place, I'll be able to reveal a little more about "online retail guy" in the coming weeks as well.

So, hope you're reading this... welcome back if you are and I'll have a new post up about some interesting developments in online retail, coming soon.


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