Tuesday, December 06, 2005

shop.org First Look 2006 - multi-channel panel

Sometimes for retailers it is hard to look past the holiday season but if you haven't checked out Shop.org's First Look 2006 Event, I can't recommend it highly enough. I went to my first shop.org event (the annual summit in September) and was blown away at the interaction there, while the conference had a zillion attendees. I can't wait for this first look opportunity.

I was also asked to speak on a panel by my friend Lauren Freeman over at the e-tail group. If you're going to Atlanta for the first look, I'd love to meet you. Here's the session description.

If you've somehow not heard of Lauren, you need to checkout her site.
Lauren's a GREAT source of knowledge in our industry, understanding retail from both the merchant and consumer perspective. Many retailers could benefit from her perspective and expertise (including myself). Many actually have.

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